April 20, 2014 may have been a normal Easter for most, but for the Simpson family it was one of their hardest days. Youngest son, Ben Simpson, age 27 at the time was challenged to a “Cold Water Plunge” with one dive into an unknown shallow river his life was forever changed. Ben remembers it being “an out of body experience”. He had no pain, couldn’t feel anything or move anything but his head. Thankfully, he could lift his head to ask for help.
After multiple days in ICU and one surgery, Ben’s prognosis was finally made; he sustained a significant injury to C5 and C6; paralysis from the waist down, with minimal use of hands, ultimately resulting in quadriplegia. Rehab would be the next step. Ben was at Craig Hospital (Englewood, Co) for 13 weeks. At this time he learned how to live with a spinal cord injury (SCI). His disability has opened the eyes of every one of his family members to a world that they never realized existed.
For Ben and the Simpson family, the support of friends, family, and even strangers has made this journey manageable. Ben’s goal is to get back to his normal life, just doing things in a different way. He is well on his way to meeting his goal. Post-accident, he works for the same company. His daily duties may have changed but he has a purpose and is fulfilling it. Ben has always been an avid outdoorsman. He has not let this SCI distract him from doing what he loves.
The next step for him will be converting a vehicle and learning how to drive.  Each day brings new challenges. But with support from family and friends, Ben will face each challenge head on and persevere.